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With parents in mind

Our family friendly facilities are great places to take a break when there is so much to see and do. 

Not only will they help you visit in comfort, but they'll provide you with expert information and the opportunity to sample new products along the way.

You can visit our fully equipped Baby Care Room to ensure your day is a breeze!

Pram & Wheelchair Accessible

The More FM Arena is fully accessible. The Show will have wide shopping alleys for Prams, Buggies and Wheelchairs.

Belle Babysitting Quiet Zone

If you have a sleeping baby or child in a buggy leave them at the Quiet Zone with Belle Babysitters so you can attend a seminar or browse the stalls. Belle Babysitters will call you when they wake up! 

Food & Drink

There is a kid friendly cafe onsite.

Kids Snack Packs

Moyles' Freshchoice will have Kids Snack Packs available when you arrive at the show (limited availability).

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