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Christina Jade Photography - for all your Family Photography Needs

Christina Jade Photography is a mother and daughter team photographing Maternity,

Newborrns , Toddlers/Children and Weddings. We always love to include family poses

at our sessions because we feel that family dynamics can change very quickly so it’s nice to have records of your family and family members. We especially like to get photos of Mums and Dads and Siblings at our Newborn sessions because often it is the parents taking photos of the children in everyday situations and they are often not in those photos, so it’s nice for the children later in life to see photos of their parents with them at different stages of their life.

The best time to Book a Newborn Session is just before you give birth, this guarantees

you a session space, as these can book up really fast. If you would like those squishy,

sleepy Newborn images, we suggest that the best time for these is between 5-10 days

old , but this can be stretched out to 14 days depending on baby, If your baby is older than this when you contact us, please don't worry as it’s never too late to start recording your memories of your precious little button, but poses will be different than the 5-10 day ones.

Other sessions can include Tummy time when baby can hold their head up and Sitting

Time around the 6 month mark, these make for adorable photos as well.

While we are working, the Babies Safety is of the utmost importance to us. There will

always be someone within arms reach or holding them, so if baby suddenly startles,

someone is there to make sure they won't roll off the bean bag or fall out of a prop. We are very conscious of Babies safety so have participated in Safety classes etc and we will never force or push your baby to do anything that they don't want to do or compromise their safety. There are certain poses that other photographers may do but we feel are unsafe and will not put the baby into these positions. If baby doesn’t cooperate during a pose and keeps squirming or moving itself out of that position we will move on to another position. Every baby is different and may or may not go into a certain pose , It all depends how they curl up, or how sleepy and calm they are.

If you are interested in finding out more about our sessions please come visit me at the show.


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