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Gender Reveal Ideas

Updated: May 4, 2018

Is it a BOY or a GIRL??? What's more exciting that a gender reveal! Whether you are surprising your family and friends, or just your kids, its a fun way to share the news. There are so many different gender reveal ideas to pick from depending on your budget, time and the amount of mess you want to make! Here's a couple of favourites!


Cake is a delicious and fun way to announce your baby’s gender. You can keep it simple with a vanilla butter cake, and then bring the magic with the filling. Ask your favourite baker to bake either a blue or pink cake (or cupcakes) topped with white icing. The gender will be revealed once the cake is cut open.  

Images: Gem’s Cakery based in Dunedin!


Fill a box with coloured balloons representative of your baby’s gender, then open the box and let the balloons do the talking. 

Or get a black balloon and fill it with confetti the colour that represents the gender. Then pop it! These balloons are available from Display Biz in Dunedin!

Photo credit: Balloonies

Nesting Dolls

Here's a unique and cute way to reveal the gender of your baby: Paint traditional Russian nesting dolls a neutral color (decked out with fun patterns) and then let the last little doll announce your baby's gender by painting it pink or blue. DIY wooden versions are available off Trade Me.

Photo credit: Pinterest - Machelle Vanderhoeven

Confetti Poppers

Gather a stash of confetti poppers and let them off for your friends and family. Make sure you have a camera at the ready for the photo opportunity. 

Photo credit: Once Upon a Party Co


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